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Essex's largest range of used Ford spares


Used Ford Spares

Here at EAS Environmental, we know how frustrating it can be to visit a scrap yard and find the same, limited selection of used car parts as the last time you were there, but we have new stock arriving every day so this will not be a problem. We are a dependable, fully licensed vehicle recycling centre and scrap yard, offering a variety of used Ford car parts. When you visit our scrap yard our expert, friendly team can advise you on the best parts to choose. They can also show you our extensive range, which includes off-the-shelf parts, engines, wing mirrors, brake pads, and much more.

  • Large range of Ford spares available
  • Stock changing regularly
  • Most parts on shelf with Guarantee
  • Knowledgable staff with free advice

Highly Recommended

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Environment Agency approved

Our Ford scrap yard provides a useful alternative for customers looking for a more affordable option than buying brand new car parts. We respect Henry Ford’s dream of making cars practical and available to everyone, and so our used Ford vehicle parts are well-preserved, high-quality, and accessible. When you choose our scrap yard you also ensure that you are contributing to an environmentally friendly process, instead of supporting the production of new parts. Our Ford car dismantlers carefully take apart every vehicle, following thorough vehicle depollution and recycling methods.


Ford car breakers yard in Braintree, Essex

If you want to ensure the Ford car breakers you choose is eco-friendly and follows regulations, then we are the best option. Our customers come from all over Braintree, Essex, and the surrounding areas beyond, so why don’t you contact us today?


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