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Environmentally friendly car recycling


Car Recycling

Auto salvage yards in the UK save three million tonnes of scrap metal from going into landfill every year, and here at EAS Environmental, we are proud to be part of this. We are a scrap yard and fully licensed vehicle recycling centre with over 20 years of industry experience, and we make sure to follow all legal regulations to ensure our customers can rely on the legitimacy of our service. It is important to ensure scrap yards are adhering to the law, because if you choose to scrap your car with one which isn’t, you could be fined. Our professional and reliable service takes care of everything by completing all the relevant documentation, collecting your vehicle and providing a Certificate of Destruction.

  • Best Prices Paid in Essex for Scrap Vehicles
  • Prompt collection service available
  • All Paperwork Completed for You
  • Environment Agency & Local Authority Approved

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Environment Agency approved car recycling service

It is no longer an option to simply take your car to a traditional breakers yard, which is why we have an Environment Agency approved car recycling service. We carry out a rigorous vehicle depollution process before breaking cars apart, in order to minimise pollution from harmful and toxic fluids. Then afterwards we recover as many of the precious metals from the car as we can and send them back into the scrap metal reprocessing network.

EAS Environmental is also a car recycling dealer, as we resell any items which are still in working condition. New stock arrives on our premises daily, with everything from wing mirrors to engines available, and our expert, friendly staff are always happy to help and give any advice you may need.


Braintree, Essex, and surrounding areas

To recycle your car with a reliable recycling company, and receive the best price along with a collection service, choose EAS Environmental. Our customers come from all around Braintree, Essex, and further afield, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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