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Find the most commonly asked questions about recycling your vehicle

Can I recycle my car?

Yes you can, it is a simple process to recycle your car with us. We are also one of the first auto salvage yards to recycle electric vehicles and hybrids safely and with environmentally friendly methods, so you can come to us with a variety of vehicle types.

Are there any cars you don’t accept?

No, we will be able to recycle or fix and resell any type of car.

Will you collect my car?

Yes, we have specialist vehicles which will collect your car at a convenient time and place.

How do you recycle scrap cars?

Initially, the vehicle goes through a depollution process which involves extracting all the fluids. This includes fuel, oil, air conditioner gas, brake or clutch fluids, and suspension fluids. Then our experts remove all the other recyclable items, such as plastics, rubber, and glass.

What is an End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV)?

An end-of-life vehicle is a vehicle that can no longer be used, they are considered to be waste. These vehicles are ready for the recycling process.

How soon will you collect my car?

Once you have contacted us to request a collection, we can normally pick your car up on the same day. Occasionally, due to unfortunate circumstances, it is within two days (excluding Sundays). We know that people lead busy lives, and so to make the process easier we offer out-of-hours collection for customers who work during the day.

Can I get a refund for my car tax?

Yes, once the paperwork for your vehicle has been completed and the DVLA has been notified, the remaining tax will be refunded back to you.

Are prices for scrap cars guaranteed?

Due to the fact that metal prices fluctuate daily, here at EAS Environmental, we guarantee the price of our scrap cars for up to 48 hours.

What do I need to provide on collection of my car?

When we arrive to pick up your vehicle, we collect the V5C log book, and proof of identification - such as a driving license or passport. As we cannot pay cash for vehicles we also require bank account information so we can pay you for your car.

Do I need to fill in any documents before scrapping my car?

All the paperwork and documentation will be completed by us when we collect the vehicle.

How much money will I receive for my car?

The price we pay for the vehicle depends on the current metal prices, so please get in touch with our friendly staff to get an up-to-date quote.

Can I keep my personalised number plate?

Yes, you can keep the number plate if you put the plate on retention before you scrap the car.

Can you recycle my motorbike?

Yes, we recycle a variety of vehicles, including motorbikes.

Can you recycle my caravan?

We do recycle caravans, however there is a fee for this service.

What will happen to my vehicle after collection?

After we collect your vehicle it will go through our recycling and depollution process.

Do I need to provide the registration documents for my vehicle?

It is useful for us to receive the relevant documents if they are available. However, we appreciate that they are sometimes mislaid, so it is not a necessity and we can recycle the vehicle without them.

How do I obtain my DVLA Certificate of Destruction?

If you contact us after the vehicle has been collected, we will send you the Certificate of Destruction.

I have no keys for my vehicle, can it still be recycled?

Yes, our experienced staff can easily deal with a vehicle with no keys. However, we do need all the relevant paperwork completed prior to the removal of the vehicle.

My vehicle won’t start, can it still be recycled?

Yes, we can recycle all sorts of end-of-life vehicles, including vehicles which will not start.


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